Goals of Education for all movement

Education for all is a movement to provide education to all children and youth too. By UNESCO this movement was launched in the world education conference. In this conference, the speakers pressurise to reduce the illiteracy and universalize the primary education.

After some years, good results were seen as in many countries education for all goal was achieved. Six key goals were identified in meeting the learning needs of children.

UNESCO, civil agencies, government, development agencies and media are all the partners that are working to achieve the goal of education for all.

Goals of the education for all:

Care and education for the children:

In this goal care and education for the young children were given the most preference. They will support the kids and their families and also help children in all areas including physically, socially and emotionally. Focus especially on particularly who are vulnerable, such as children living in the poor conditions, the orphans and minorities and also the girls.

Free primary education for all:

Their second goal was to provide people with free primary education for all. The primary education will be free of charge, and it would be compulsory for all to attend schools at primary level. Children belonging from the minorities would be given special attention because they are facing difficult circumstances.

After some years increase in literacy rate was seen. The number of children going to school was increased. Education for all movement main goal to educate them was given special attention, and that result good for the movement.

Skill learning:

The third goal of education for all was to promote the learning skills in children. They emphasis on the learning needs of the people. In this goal equal amount of learning programs were offered to boys and girls. They think that government was not giving priority to adults in learning new skills. To live successful life skills are needed. Special budgets should be announced for this purpose. The main aim of the movement was to make the youth skilful.

Increase the literacy rate:

One of their goals was to increase the literacy in adults. They want to increase it about 50 percent, than before. They said women have right to get an education, so special attention was given to them. Opportunities were given to adults for learning.

Equality between the genders:

The fifth goal was the gender equality in the education. An equal number of girls and boys should be enrolled in primary and secondary education. The boys and girls should have an equal opportunity to learn and have benefits of education.

Quality education:

The Last goal of education for all is to give quality education. They want to improve the education system. Each person can learn skills that are necessary for a successful life. A quality education can change the person’s condition.

These were the six goals of education for all movement. This movement aims to educate each person so that they can live a good life.   

dawn alaina

Dawn Scott Aliana Marie Mathers

Eminem is a well known and a famous rapper. In fact he is known as rap god. Eminem apart from his official life, he is good in his personal life. He is a good human and really a social worker. He constantly keeps on doing social works for orphans to give them families.

Eminem’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers has three young daughters. One is her real daughter and other two are adopted. Among adopted ones, Aliana Marie Mathers is the one. The story of how Marshall Bruce named Eminem adopted Aliana and who are the biological parents of her has always been open to public. Hailie is the real daughter of Eminem from Kim, the aunt of Aliana Marie Mathers. Whitney is the adopted daughter of Eminem, who is the daughter of Kim but not from Eminem. Kim and Eminem got separated in 2001. So Eminem brought up his three daughters alone.

Aliana, Whitney and Hailie use to have a good relationship as sisters and Dawn Scott Aliana Marie Mathers spent most of her time at home with her sisters maintaining a distance from public and social life.

Aliana Marie Mathers bio

Dawn Scott Aliana Marie Mathers was the niece of Eminem.  Aliana is the real daughter of Dawn Scott who was an addict to drugs since Aliana was a few years old. Dawn Scott had a twin sister named Kim Scott who was the ex of Eminem. Eminem’s daughter Hailie was from Kim. Whitney who was adopted by Eminem was the daughter of Kim but not of Eminem.

When Eminem observed that being with Dawn is not good for Aliana due to her drug addiction. He tried his best that Dawn quit taking drugs and spend a good life with Aliana. But he could not make it possible and Dawn didn’t quit drugs. Because of this, Eminem took the responsibility of Aliana and took her at his home with him. He tried his best to let Aliana stay away from Dawn for her betterment.

Instagram PostAfter sometime Dawn Scott died because of excessive intake of drugs.  Eminem took proper care of her as he used to take care of his real daughter Hailie.  He always tried to build strong bond among three sisters and kept an eye on their activities.

Aliana Mathers was born in America on 3rd May, 1993. Her birth name was Amanda Marie Scott that she herself changed later on into Aliana Marie Mathers.

Eminem use to call her Lainey. Aliana used to have good bond with her sisters Hailie and Whitney. She also has two brothers Patrick Scott and Adam Scott from her mother Dawn Scott.

Aliana has always been an introvert and she kept herself away from public. She has never been on any social media so the people don’t know much about her, specifically about her personal life. Yet one thing is sure that she is not interested in Show biz like her father. One report about her states that she is studying in University of Oakland.